Thank you for your donation

The members of the Down Syndrome Advocacy Foundation would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for your very generous donation.

When a child is born with Down syndrome on Long Island it is quietly understood they will live segregated lives.  History has taught us that separate is not equal, yet it is standard practice in the counties in which we reside (Nassau and Suffolk, New York) to segregate children with Down syndrome.  It starts at the age of three, when families seek therapeutic preschool services.  Then, access to general education opportunities is withheld throughout their entire school years.  It is our goal to change this practice and bring Nassau and Suffolk Counties into the 21st Century.

Your donation is making it possible for individuals with Down syndrome to access the same opportunities in their communities that we take for granted.  We sincerely thank you for seeing the value in our children and supporting our goal to make inclusion the rule and not the exception.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Mike Hoffman